Categories: About

I have tried to limit the number of Categories.  Below is a brief explanation of each Category.

  • activism – includes info about specific protests and grass-roots campaigns for change, discussion of strategies for social change
  • ClassPerspectives – refers to economic/social classes, how events and policies may be viewed/interpreted differently by working class compared to middle class or wealthy
  • ComputerTips – general computer information, tips for more effective computer use (e.g., preventing viruses, problems with Windows, constructing Web pages)
  • digped – refers to Digital Pedagogy, a term which includes teaching techniques making use of the Web, online classes, digital humanities
  • economics – economic policies and debates, economic facts such as wages, income distribution, taxes
  • education – policy issues re education, model curriculum, teaching techniques, etc.  Items relating to Digital Pedagogy also appear in the digped category.
  • gender – includes sexism, women’s contributions/herstory, feminist perspectives, gender discrimination, includes LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex) issues
  • health – health issues, medical info, nutrition and recipes
  • images – includes any post having a photo, cartoon, infographic, table, or chart/graph.  I created this Category so I could easily find posts where I had placed an image.
  • International – posts with info about specific countries or regions plus global issues
  • Internet – anything dealing with using the Internet, e.g., policies re privacy, online apps, who uses
  • People-of-Color – perspectives from individuals or communities of color, ethnic issues, racism
  • politics – not limited to elections and political parties.  Politics is used in a very broad sense, perhaps this category would be better titles “public policy”
  • software – any post discussing software – both desktop software, online tools, apps for tablets & smartphones
  • Uncategorized
  • video – any post that has a video embedded in it, video how-to’s,  important or model videos.

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