I am a retired Women’s Studies professor with a special interest in digital pedagogy.  I taught a course in Women and Computers which explored women’s contributions to the technology, gender issues in computing, and useful skills for post graduate life as an active citizen and a productive worker.  I created a class wiki for the course and wrote about course highlights and resources in my ProfPat blog.  I also dabble in digital photography, and spend a lot of time planning my organic garden (although little time actually working in it).

Welcome to my Commonplace Book.  People started keeping Commonplace books in Italy in the 15th century, and they became very popular in the English speaking world in the 19th century.  People used their Commonplace books to record key ideas from lectures they attended or books they read.  Francis Bacon, John Locke, Henry David Thoreau, Thomas Hardy and Mark Twain all kept Commonplace books.  “Devotional, technical, documentary and literary texts appear side-by-side in no discernible order,” according to Wikipedia.  In other words, Commonplace books are an early handwritten version of blogs.


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