MOOC completion rates for serious students quite respectable

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) with enrollments often reaching 100,000 or more are famous (or infamous) for their low completion rates, averaging around 10%.  However, it appears that serious students in MOOCs have a much higher completion rate.  According to the co-founders of Coursera, students who turn in the first assignment have a completion rate of 45%.

For students who are paying $50 for the company’s new Signature Track program—which includes features designed as safeguards against identity fraud and cheating on examinations—the pass rates are even higher, at about 70 percent.

These completion rates substantiate the anecdotal evidence that many people enroll in MOOCs as lurkers or just to see what they are like, with no intention of actually completing the course.

Source: Steve Kolowich,  “Coursera Takes a Nuanced View of MOOC Dropout Rates“,  Chronicle of Higher Education, Wired Campus Blog of April 8, 2013.


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