Burpee does NOT sell GMO seeds

Just learned today that the Burpee Seed company does not sell GMO (genetically modified) seeds.  I hadn’t known this until I saw a link posted by a friend on Facebook.  The owner of Burpee explains that it produces solely for the home gardener.  In the past, when one of its seed breeders decided to develop tomatoes for the commercial California growers, Burpee and this guy soon parted ways because Burpee not interested.  “Mr. Burpee did not wish to breed for any consumer other than the home gardener and the small, local farmer,” writes the current owner.  I was glad to learn that Burpee avoids the tough skinned, cardboard tasting tomatoes bred for the large scale California corporate vegetable growers as well as avoiding GMO seed. I will be paying more attention to Burpee seed catalog in future for possible purchases for my garden.

Source: George Ball, Burpee Chairman and CEO,  “Burpee, GMO And Monsanto Rumors Put To Rest” (no date).


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