Kia Supports Women’s History Month

I was pleased to receive the following email from my local Kia dealer:

“March is Women’s History Month and Kia of St Cloud wants to honor the women past and present that made strides in automotive industry!

Did you know!

  • The first windshield wiper was invented by Mary Anderson in 1902. Initially a rubber blade operated by a lever inside the vehicle, this concept became standard on all vehicles in 1916.
  • In 1909, Alice Huyler Ramsey was the first woman to drive cross country, making the 3800 mile journey from New York to San Francisco in only 59 days – a record for the time.
  • Actress Florence Lawrence invented the first turn signal and brake light concepts around 1913. These original versions were modified through the years but by the 1940’s Flo’s features were customary on most vehicles.”

Makes me proud to be a Kia Sedona owner.


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