Convert Word to Clean HTML

Copy and paste from a Word document into Blogger or an HTML web page often is disastrous, since Word bloats everything with unneeded, copious HTML which other software has difficulty interpreting.

One can always copy from Word into Notepad, which strips out all of the HTML, and then into Blogger or your newly created HTML web page.  But copying into Notepad also removes all text formatting (bold, italic, bulleted lists, etc.) and all hyperlinks.

Alternatively, one can use an online Web app to produce clean HTML from Word. Today [3/2/13] I tested several to see which worked best.

Word to Clean HTML worked best for me.  When I copied a borderless table into Word to Clean HTML, and then copied the resulting HTML code into KompoZer (free Web page editor), the result was a pretty faithful copy of my original.  Copying the code from Word to Clean HTML into WordPress (the ‘Text/HTML’ mode of the editor) also produced a good copy of my original table.  View the result in HTML and Tables in WordPress.

Note that Word to Clean HTML does not work in Firefox, my favorite Web browser.  One must use Internet Explorer.

Text Fixer is recommended by several academic sources I respect, but I was disappointed with the results.  The code produced did indeed produce a table, but not a very attractive one.  Instead of 2 columns of equal width (as in the original), TextFixer produced a very wide right-hand column and a very skinny left-hand column.  If you are using a decent WYSIWYG web page editor, this is fairly easy to fix.  However, if you must paste the HTML code directly from TextFixer to some online Web page, you will be disappointed with the results.

WordOff is an online converter I would avoid.  In my test, the code from WordOff did not produce a table at all – it only produced a plain text list of the entries in the right-hand column of my original table.  The ‘About’ page at the WordOff website does indicate that it strips most text formatting as well as the div and span and many other bloated codes from a Word document.


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