Cheap Classrooms from Plastic Bottles

Creative recycling in the Philippines enables local communities to build schools very cheaply.  Discarded plastic bottles are filled with liquid adobe, allowed to harden, and then cemented together in ‘walls’ to create a classroom. Since the Philippines confronts an annual shortage of 66,000 classrooms, this local recycle and reuse construction is a cheap and practicable solution.  The MyShelter Foundation claims that “every town in the Philippines produces enough plastic bottle waste to be able to construct a classroom every two weeks.”


  • Info from “Transforming Plastic Bottles into Classrooms” posted in the World Bank blog of 3/26/12 at
  • Video “Philippine School Made Out of Bottles” at YouTube
  •  More pictures & info at Inhabitat
  • Other buildings made from plastic bottles – some fancy, some homemade – at WebEcoist

P.S. the MyShelter Foundation has also pioneered cheap solar lightbulbs from plastic bottles.  See a very creatively constructed web site at


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