Reusable Core Concepts Modules for WS

The article “Digital Technology for Feminist Pedagogy“**  describes how Women’s Studies professors developed digital modules for several core concepts in Women’s Studies classes, e.g., intersectionality, whiteness.  Since students in many WS classes come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with varying knowledge of WS concepts, having modules they can study at their leisure should be very useful.  Besides text, each module may contain videos, other multimedia, links to other resources, etc.  Each module also includes a machine gradable quiz at the end.

  • Some instructors assign all modules at beginning of course, some assign separately at point where relevant.  Some students use, even in advanced courses, when writing papers.
  • Authors discuss possible limitations since some instructors might prefer a different perspective or more historical approach to a concept. Particularly with the module on whiteness, several alternative modules, written from different perspectives, might be useful.
  • Modules were developed using (expensive) Soft Chalk software and stored in the university’s LMS so they are not accessible to public or to students at other universities.

**This article is one chapter in the free e-book Cultivating Change in the Academy (from the University of Minnesota).  The complete book can be downloaded as a PDF – which provides better quality screenshots, but the links provided to other web sources are not clickable.


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