Right-wing Groups Organize against VAWA

I didn’t realize how much the right-wing is organizing against the Violence against Women Act (VAWA). An article at Right Wing Watch.org describes an anti-VAWA coalition and its opposition to the protections for immigrant, Native American, and LGBT victims of domestic abuse.

A public letter to Senators urging defeat of the VAWA claimed that this “nice-sounding bill is deceitful because it destroys the family by obscuring real violence in order to promote the feminist agenda.”

But it is the signers that are really eye-opening.  Signers included  Concerned Women for America, the Family Research Council, the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, as well as Timothy Johnson, a convicted wife-beater.  Johnson is the  former vice chair of the North Carolina Republican Party and founder and president of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, a small organization focused on outreach to conservative African Americans.  Johnson was convicted of felony domestic violence and later falsely claimed that his wife had forgiven him and supported his candidacy for vice-chair of the North Carolina GOP.

Source:  Josh Glasstetter, “Top VAWA Opponents Partnered with Convicted Wife-Beater and Group Tied to Mail Order Bride Firm,” Right Wing Watch, May 16, 2012.



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