TiddlyWiki: Notetaking Software

I discovered TiddlyWikis early this year and began using them to take notes.  I thought that TiddlyWikis would be superior to

  • Microsoft OneNote because TiddlyWiki uses universal HTML format – OneNote file format not available on computers where not installed and may be dropped or changed in future.  This limitation outweighs, in my mind, OneNote’s much more generous formatting capabilities (easy to include photos, embed videos, etc.)
  • EverNote – Again a proprietary file format which may disappear.  Also EverNote is web-based; if it goes out of business, you lose your notes.

TiddlyWikis do have some limitations, e.g., limited formatting options (have to use special codes to produce bold, italic, bulleted lists, etc.).  However, they can be viewed and edited on any computer, which is a big advantage.

Screenshot showing layout of a TiddlyWiki

TiddlyWiki Screenshot

In addition to the ProfPat Notes TiddlyWiki illustrated above (which focuses on digital pedagogy and is a sort of parallel and enlarged version of my ProfPat Blog), I have created a Civics TiddlyWiki for notes on public policy, politics, and citizen activism, and a ComputerInfo TiddlyWiki.  With the use of Tags, it is easy to find all tiddlers (notes) on same topic.  TiddlyWikis can be customized with your own color scheme and/or background image.  A variety of Plugins, such as one for an advanced search box and another to display a calendar, are available.

Download a blank TiddlyWiki from tiddlywiki.com.  Additional info about how to use can be found at tiddlywiki.org.


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