European Politicians Act Differently from U.S. Counterparts

Gov’t official admits mistake. The Slovenian Ambassador  to Japan, Helena Drnovsek Zorko, publicly apologized for signing the ACTA treaty (European stop online piracy treaty which endangers freedom on the Internet). She said she made a gross mistake in signing (on her government’s orders) without reading carefully and failed her civic duty by signing this limitation on citizens’ freedom of expression. She urged people to participate in the upcoming demonstrations against ACTA.

Duty to read progressive web sites.  “I took a break from Avaaz,” she said to explain her ignorance in signing ACTA, referring to the progressive citizen action website AVAAZ which publishes informative articles about current events and organizes petitions to promote social justice.  How many U.S officials consider such non-mainstream, grassroots organized media like, Democracy Now, Avaaz, etc. as reliable sources and required reading?

Source: “Full Text Of Slovenian Ambassador’s Apology For Signing ACTA” from, Feb. 2, 2012

Note:  ACTA was finally defeated.


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